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Benefits Gold Palladium Rhodium
Access to Bundled Pharmacare Items at Discounts
Health & Medication Tracker
Access to Free Health Trends and Advice
Access to Consult a Health Practitioner
Prescription calender
Maximum of 6 Members
5% OFF all Items
Free Comprehensive Health Check per 90 days 1X 15% OFF 2X 15% OFF 3X 15% OFF
Free Delivery per 90 Days 1X 2X 3X
Free Doctor Appointments per 90 days 1X 2X 3X
Free Diagnostics and Medical Testing 1 x 10% OFF 2 x 10% OFF 3 x 10% OFF

Gold Plan

Gives you access to health items for you and your family. Provide solutions to resolve health concerns,and access to immediate health support.

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Palladium Plan

Our most popular plan is perfect for any individual, medium and large families and organizations looking to acquire employee benefits

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Rhodium Plan

Perfect for larger families and organizations. Providing seamless telehealth services assuring overall health and wellness.

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What Beneficiaries of OneHealth Wellness Club are Saying


Habib Amoo

I am very impressed with the OneHealth Wellness Club. Registered as a doctor and helped to prescribe baby blue syndrome medication for a family in the platform.


Toyin Faleke

I was struck with malaria, so i reached out to a doctor in the platform and I was directed to Onelife and OneHealth Pharmacy where i was tested and given medications.


Valentine Friday

My company was looking for a reliable platform for our employee health benefits plan and i came across this platform. They have been very efficient and proactive..