For simple and personal wellness

single line


single line
Basic Includes
Access to Health Dashboards and:
  • Health Trackers
  • Health & Fitness Calculators
  • Medications Tracker
  • Limited Doctor Consultation
  • Health & Lifestyle Trends


For Individuals & Small Families

single line


for 3 Months
Gold Includes
Everything in Basic and:
  • 1X Free Delivery/90 days
  • 1X 15% Off Health Check
  • 1X 10% Off Diagnostic Services
  • 1 Free Doctor’s Consultation
  • 5% OFF all items
most popular


For Individuals, Large Familes & Small Organization


for 3 Months
Palladium Includes
Everything in Gold and:
  • 2X Free Delivery/90 days
  • 2X 15% Off Health Check
  • 2X 10% Off Diagnostic Services
  • 2 Free Doctor’s Consultation
  • 5% OFF all items


For Individuals, Large Families & Large Organizations


for 3 Months
Rhodium Includes
Everything in Palladium and:
  • 3X Free Delivery/90 days
  • 3X 15% Off Health Check
  • 3X 10% Off Diagnostic Services
  • 3 Free Doctor’s Consultation
  • 5% OFF all items

Benefits of the Membership Plans


Gold Plan

Gives you access to health items for you and your family. Provide solutions to resolve health concerns,and access to immediate health support.

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Palladium Plan

Our most popular plan is perfect for any individual, medium and large families and organizations looking to acquire employee benefits

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Rhodium Plan

Perfect for larger families and organizations. Providing seamless telehealth services assuring overall health and wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the OneHealth Wellness Club, experience telehealth and online pharmacy services in Nigeria like never before.

The wellness Club is a platform helping individuals, families and associates to access quality, personalized and affordable healthcare solutions. The platform helps you organize all your healthcare services and products in a timely manner, monthly, or quarterly, from the comfort of your home.

Medical Products: Prescription items, beauty, fitness, mother and child items, health and medicines, cold and flu, COVID-19 relief materials and many others - at a 5% discount.

Telemedicine: Chat with a doctor online to solve your pressing health needs for Free.

Comprehensive health checks: Get your annual wellness check which include; blood sugar, cholesterol, blood work and many more- at a 15% discount.

Diagnostics tests: Order for remote diagnostic tests for acute symptoms to check for disease like malaria and Typhoid and many more - at a 10% discount.

Health Dashboard, Trackers & Calculators: You get access to an overview of your healthcare items, and the average saving per month. With fitness calculators for your BMI, Body Calorie Information, Body Fat and health calendar for your Menstrual Cycle, you can track your health progress.

Lifestyle Advice: Access a non-exhaustive pool of health trends and news to keep you abreast of trending health topics and issues.

To get started on healthy living with OneHealth wellness club, click here.

The benefits of the wellness club includes huge discounts on health items purchased for you and members of your plan. Others include; Free delivery on purchased items, health calculators, like BMI & Menstrual Calendar, Discount on health checks and diagnostics tests, and access to a doctor anytime you want.

You can purchase prescription medicines and drugs as well as non-prescription items like regular medicines, syrups, ointments, health materials, medical devices, mother and child care products, analgesics, stomachics, vitamins and supplements, sexual enhancers, cosmetics and beauty items, COVID-19 relief materials and so on.

Your circle is basically people that you have added to your subscription plan. It includes your family members, friends or associates that have given consent to be included on the plan. This way, everybody including you can benefit from the numerous benefits of the Wellness Club simultaneously.

  • Register or login on the Platform and complete registration
  • On the Dashboard, Select Consult a Doctor
  • Choose which member of your circle who is booking the appointment
  • Select Appointments
  • Search for doctor or filter by speciality/discipline
  • Select your preferred health professional from the providers online.
  • Request a Consultation
  • A confirmation of your appointment will be sent to you by the OneHealth team

YES! There is an automatic FREE 2 month trial for you and your plan members, with the maximum discounts. After 2 months you will still have access to services like the health calculators, health news, and you would also be allowed to place orders for items and services via the platform. However, for all discounts, including free delivery discounts on doctors consultation & diagnostics testings, you will need a subscription.

Gold: Subscription Plan - NGN1,000 - renewal every 90days (approx. NGN 333 per month)

  • 1 free delivery every 90 days (3 months)
  • 1X 15% off Comprehensive health check
  • 1X 10% off Diagnostic Services
  • 1 Free Doctor’s consultation
  • 5% off all items
  • Minimum Spend of NGN 10,000 over 90days

Palladium: Subscription Plan - NGN2,000 - renewal every 90 days (approx. NGN 670 per month)

  • 2 free delivery every 90 days (3 months)
  • 2X 15% off Comprehensive health check
  • 2X 10% off Diagnostic Services
  • 2 Free Doctor’s consultation
  • 5% off all items
  • Minimum Spend of NGN 20,000 over 90days

Rhodium: Subscription Plan - NGN3,000 - renewal every 90 days (approx. NGN 1,000 per month)

  • 3 free delivery every 90 days (3 months)
  • 3X 15% off Comprehensive health check
  • 3X 10% off Diagnostic Services
  • 3 Free Doctor’s consultation
  • 5% off all items
  • Minimum Spend of NGN 30,000 over 90days

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No! A single plan runs for a period of 3 months (90 days) giving you more time on the platform to benefit from the numerous wellness club offerings.

You can pay Online using Paystack (Pay directly via internet banking, USSD, Verve, Mastercard or Visa)

You can also pay at the Bank (Pay to OneHealth Nigeria bank account and get a voucher you can use to activate your subscription)

Yes you can, you can request for a comprehensive health check or diagnostics test, and you have the option In-person or home service testing. Click here to get started for free.

There will be a separate delivery fee charge for home service testing based on your location and service requested. This will be communicated and charged separately upon request.

If you do not use your monthly benefits, we carry it over to the next month, but you would still need to update your plan to access all benefits.

We do not wish that you cancel because we look forward to you taking very good care of yourself via the wellness club. However, if this is a must, you can do that in the settings section or contact any of our help/support lines.

What Beneficiaries of OneHealth Wellness Club are Saying


Habib Amoo

I am very impressed with the OneHealth Wellness Club. Registered as a doctor and helped to prescribe baby blue syndrome medication for a family in the platform.


Toyin Faleke

I was struck with malaria, so i reached out to a doctor in the platform and I was directed to Onelife and OneHealth Pharmacy where i was tested and given medications.


Valentine Friday

My company was looking for a reliable platform for our employee health benefits plan and i came across this platform. They have been very efficient and proactive..